ASAP Darknet Market Links

ASAP Darknet Market Links

ASAP Darknet Market Links – Legit Cocaine Vendor.

ASAP Darknet Market Links.

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For starters, we’ll begin with what products are sold and the kind of product-diversity ASAP Market displays.

The screenshot above is captured directly from ASAP Market. As displayed, the total product stock is easily 6500+. So, the “stock” is sure impressive. Buy Cocaine Online, Order Cocaine, Cocaine for sale, Legit Vendor.

When it comes to diversity, you’d notice most of these listings are all related to drugs. Be it Benzos, RCs, Prescriptions, Opioids, Stimulants or most others. Buy Cocaine 

However, if you look closely, you’d also see “Digital Goods”, “Fraud”, “Counterfeits” etc. ASAP Darknet Market Links

ASAP Market product restrictions –  Legit Online Coke Plug.

In fact, “Digital Goods” alone hosts over 3,000 listings. This tells us that ASAP Market isn’t just about drugs. It’s just that for some reason the drug listings have not been grouped together or into a sub-category. ASAP Darknet Market Links

Our verdict: The stock and variety is impressive, however, it could use some better categorisation.

If you’re new, know that darknet markets have restrictions too (in most cases). These are only applied to very extreme products or services, but they sure exist. Online Cocaine

In the case of ASAP Market, it doesn’t allow Western Union or Credit Card transfers to begin with. Now these are two of the most common darknet products. Although, they’re also the most scammer-friendly.

It also doesn’t allow human-made viruses, poisons, fentanyl, porn involving individuals of illegal age, animals or violence. Weapons and hitman services too are banned. ASAP Darknet Market Links

Our verdict: This list is comparatively a bit longer than other darknet markets. However, it’s more ethical and moral which is desirable. ASAP Darknet Market Links

ASAP Market payment policies – Buy Cocaine Online Vendor. 

How you make your payment decides how anonymous and untraceable your orders are, doesn’t it?

ASAP Market has two sides to its payments. The brighter side is that it accepts not just Bitcoin, but also Monero. Pretty great, isn’t it?

The darker side is that it’s not wallet-less. Hence, all deposits must be made in advance. Is that a deal-breaker? No. However, wallet-less markets are sure more desirable.

Because it requires advance deposits, there also are minimum requirements. BTC deposits can’t be smaller than 0.0005BTC. Similarly, XMR deposits can only be 0.06 or higher. In terms of numbers, we’d say these are pretty affordable. Buy Crack cocaine Online 

Each currency has its own confirmation requirements. Bitcoin is considered successfully deposited after 2 confirmations. Monero on the other hand requires 10 confirmations. ASAP Darknet Market Links

Our verdict: 2 Cryptocurrencies and low deposit requirements? We’re impressed. ASAP Darknet Market Links

Getting a seller account on ASAP Market – Buy Cocaine.

When we discussed features like “Fake Review Detector” and “Scam Hunter”, it became pretty obvious that ASAP Market is an escrow for vendors and buyers, isn’t it?

So yes, anyone can convert their buyer accounts into vendor accounts on ASAP Market.

The vendor fee currently is set at USD 400.00. It sure isn’t “cheap”, but hey, from a non-vendor perspective, we believe the higher the vendor fee, the lesser scammers would sign up so it’s all good. Coke Plug

On top of this fee, there’s a 5% commission on all sales made by the vendor. This is paid exclusively by the vendor.

Our verdict: The fee being slightly significant, on top of being non-refundable is a security feature against scammers and we love it. Best Cocaine Vendor

ASAP Market vendor transparency – Cocaine Online.

Scams are extremely common on darknet markets, aren’t they? This is why we pay special attention to “vendor profile transparency” on a market. Buy Cocaine Online 

How much detail does ASAP Market share about its vendors? Well, here’s a screenshot. ASAP Darknet Market Links

So, it shows the number of sales made by the vendor. The positive/negative and neutral feedback too is shown.

Other details such as registration and last active date too are shown. However, it misses a few key metrics such as no. of disputes either won or lost by the vendor.

Additionally, the product listings do not show the number of sales on any of the products. That’s something else which could’ve helped us judge a product’s quality or legitimacy.

Our verdict: It’s transparent-enough to verify which vendors are legit and which may not be. However, the vendor profiles could be made more detailed. Online Cocaine

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